The Chronicles of Valenwyn

TCoV cover artwork

A short comic as part of a very open ended TAFE assignment. I had an idea to make a comic like this for a long time and used the assignment as an excuse to make it happen.

Page 8 artwork
Page 8

It’s a section of history from a fictional fantasy universe in the format of a recount and the first chapter in a series. The blurb reads ‘A small nation of humans are forced to flee after a catastrophic event wreaks havoc on their homeland. Months later they arrive in a strange new land, a land of rolling green prairies, thick forests and snow-capped mountains. The humans are delighted and quickly settle into this new world. Only when they come to find out what lies beyond the mountains and when the mysterious woman makes herself known do they start to wonder just how safe they really are.’

Page 6 artwork
Page 6

Interesting in reading this story? Well you’re in luck, you can download it for free here