Rubix Exhibition

Rubix promotional poster

The end of year graphic design exhibition for our class. I had the honour of being in charge of the branding.

Exhibition guide front page
Rubix Guide

Every Diploma class at TAFE has to organise an exhibition at the end of their course. It includes all of their best work produced throughout the year. The name Rubix came from the name of our class, ‘Ruby’. All of the classes in the design department are named after gems and I think we were the first year lazy enough to base our exhibition name on our gem.

Exhibition guide designers page
9 Gems

There is more to it than that though. When we searched the term ‘Rubix’ on urban dictionary one of the definitions was ‘to turn something from a mess to perfection’, just like what you do with a rubik’s cube. We thought this was great way to describe our class over the past year (or past 2 years for those that came from the Certificate IV). On top of that there were only 9 people in our class by the end (down from 20) and the IX in Rubix was representative of that. The logo was a ruby on it’s side that looked like a rubik’s cube.

Invitation and drink ticket
Invitation and ticket

Working on this project was an amazing experience and the exhibition itself turned out so great. I’ll always remember it fondly.