Get Smart Logo Redesign

Previous logo
Old logo

One day all of the designers at Get Smart Promotional Products were tasked with reinventing our old logo, pictured above.

Initial logo concepts
Initial concepts

We came up with a few designs each. Mine stayed pretty true to the original logo while the others were a lot more adventurous. I played around with some monogram ideas using the ‘G’ and ’S’. I didn’t feel it was necessary to establish any new themes and I liked the character of the old logo anyway.

GS logo icon process
Process 1

There were many revisions and a few of the other designers also tried out the monogram style. While I used the capital ‘G’ and ’S’ one of the others used the lowercase letters and came up with something amazing.

Final logo designs
Final designs

I’d love to take full credit for the above logo but the initial concept of the ’s’ inside the ‘g’ was created by the very talented, Lena Maeland. I simply took her concept and refined it so the two letter forms fitted together like criss-crossed fingers.

GS logo icon process 2
Process 2

The icon works very well by itself and when it’s printed small. We wanted it to be understated and flexible, not drawing to much attention to itself. One of the purposes of our logo is to act as a visual placeholder for our clients when they see examples of our self promotional merchandise.

Comparison between old and new logo
Logo comparison

While our company is still called Get Smart Promotional Products, we were able to just have Promo on the logo, which I think is a huge improvement, it’s just too much of a mouthful otherwise.