TAFE Awards

Cover of pamphlet

An impromptu assignment which was triggered by the annual TAFE awards event needing some new branding. Our class was tasked with coming up with some pamphlet designs to showcase the new look. The theme was supposed to be ‘Changing Landscapes’, after the huge changes that were going on at TAFE from 2014-2015.

Detail closeup 1
Detail 1

My designs were one of the finalists. We had a meeting between all the finalists, our teachers and some representatives from the TAFE section organising the event. The TAFE people said they liked the look of my designs but ultimately they felt like the little critters being confused about their surroundings and the one critter almost falling down the hole didn’t have the most positive of connotations.

Detail closeup 2
Detail 2

I’m happy they didn’t end up choosing my design, because it would have been pretty awkward when I told them that the negative connotations were done on purpose. The state of TAFE at that time during the Abbot government was abysmal, with the wage cuts and cost of courses doubling (quadrupaling in my case). This project served as a mini protest of sorts.