ARC Rebranding

ARC logo on book
ARC logo

This assignment involved finding a Not-for-profit organisation whose branding you thought might be able to benefit from a redesign. I chose the Australian Respiratory Council.

Index of branding guidelines
Branding Guidelines

Their current logo has lots of little particles around it. Whilst I understand the reasoning behind that I felt like their goal as an organisation is to combat those particles. The logo I created focused more on what the organisation is trying to preserve; the respiratory system. As a Not-for-profit organisation their power comes from the power of all the people involved. I tried to embody this in the logo as well. The human outlines acts as a motif in the branding and it works well when there are lots of them together because it symbolises a group of humans, or an organisation.

Brand colours in guidelines
Brand Colours

They’ve since rebranded their website but here is a link to the old version (you might not even be able to view this without flash). We were encouraged, after completing this project, to contact our organisations of choice and show them our rebranding ideas. I was going to do this but was discouraged when I found out they had just rebranded.