Add My Logo

Screenshot of Add My Logo landing page
landing page

A massively ambitious project through Get Smart. Add My Logo is a site where you can order promotional products and upload or design the artworks on the product yourself. While in a near completed state, the project is currently on hold. You can view an interactive mockup I made of the landing page here.

Concepts for AML logo
logo concepts

A lot of design work went it this project. Apart from the site itself. We had to get proper front on photographs of all the products going on the site. Which then needed to be photoshopped into all the respective colourways of that product.

final AML logo design
final logo

Of course the site needed a logo since it was registered as a separate company. In fact, a whole visual style was created for the site. Icons needed to be made for the product categories to be cohesive.

site product icons
product icons

This style spread to a few illustrations that were made for the site. Although, a lot of the branding was made up of stock photography due to lack of time.

thanks for ordering page